Friday, December 18, 2015

Bra-A-Week Challenge #6: Wickable Work Bra

Mia's favorite, the Wickable Work Bra.  The bra fabric is made from 100% polyester that is treated with colloidal silver during the manufacturing process.  While the fabric wicks moisture away from the skin's surface, the silver particles repel bacteria, making the bra wearer cooler, drier, and less stinky, according to my interpretation of the product description at Bra-makers Supply where I purchased the material.  I haven't actually smelled Mia's bra to know how well the fabric performs.

Presenting entry #6 in the 2015 Bra-A-Week Challenge:   Wickable Work Bra 01
The work bra is a Pin-up Girls Classic with wickable antibacterial beige cups,
beige loop-a-licious neckline trim, peach Duoplex frame and straps,
peach powernet, and both peach and beige findings.
JensWare Bra
Wickable Antibacterial Work Bra
 Wickable Antibacterial Classic Cups with Loop-A-Licious Trim
JensWare Bra
JensWare Work Bra 01
Here's an up close look at that polyester fabric and neckline trim. 
JensWare Bra
Wickable Antibacterial Fabric and Loop-A-Licious Trim
Here's an interior view of the bra cups showing the wickable antibacterial fabric,
folded channeling, and a seam that needs to be trimmed back.JensWare Bra
Wickable Antibacterial Fabric, Folded Channeling, Bra Interior

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